Can I share course material with a friend?

We love that you want to share Fearless Living with your community. 

We're thrilled that you see the value in what Rhonda created and has refined for the past 24 years. 

Our Wheels process is proprietary trademarked material. Reading the material is knowledge only. Knowing how to use the Wheels and what they actually mean and the process to set yourself free takes practice and training. 

That's why you must be a Certified Fearless Living Coach or Certified Fearless Trainer to teach or coach The Wheels.

Our Certified Fearless Living Coaches and Certified Fearless Trainers spend thousands of dollars and have years of training to acquire our unique designations using our specific processes. (We're the only coaching program in the world that specializes in fear!)

Therefore, you may not use the worksheets we provide in a workshop that is not Fearless Living sanctioned. (If you love our trademarked material, I encourage you to check out )

And please...

Feel free to mention Rhonda Britten and Fearless Living and how they contributed to your life, or to your coaching journey. 
Feel free to grab 50 words or less from Rhonda's book "Fearless Living."
Feel free to encourage your tribe to get Fearless. 
Feel free to share Rhonda's podcast "Master Coach Mindset" 

Yes, spread the word. 

When you get Fearless, and you help your community get Fearless, the world is one step closer to becoming Fearless.

Thank you for asking and honoring our proprietary trademarked material. 

Thank you for spreading the word and loving Fearless Living as much as we do.

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