FLTP - How to organize for Class

Here are some ideas:

1. Go to Fearless Living Fearbusters Facebook Page and ask coaches for ideas - always good to get their input

2. Make sure you create folders on your computer so you can put all the PDFs in the same folder. Make sure to rename them - perhaps something like: (Your Name) - Module 1 - Exercise 

This will keep everything organized on your computer.

3. If paper is preferred, print everything out and complete the exercises right on the paper using your favorite pen. When completed be sure to put them into a binder with separators - Module 1, Module 2, etc. 

4. And Rhonda really wants you to create whatever system works for you. Plus, she definitely wants you to remember why you signed up for the Fearless Living Training Program so you don't forget when you go through the normal waves of doubt during the program. 

5. YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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