I'm not getting emails from Fearless Living

Chances are the Welcome Email is probably in your spam/trash/junk folder rather than your inbox.  


First, search for an email from [email protected] or the word WELCOME. Either way, you should find our email. 

Next, be sure to whitelist our email address (drag and drop it into your INBOX) as 99% of our emails will be sent from that email address. This way you can always find our emails quickly and easily. 

You can also watch this video to help you whitelist/organize your Gmail inbox.


Check the Junk Folder

On the Outlook website log into your account. Head over to your junk folder and look for an email from Fearless Living. Most likely the address that you're looking for is [email protected].

Click "Show Content" to view the body of the email. Click "Mark as safe". The sender will be added to your list of safe senders and all future emails will go to your inbox.

Manually Add the Sender to Your Safe List

If an existing email from us hasn't already been trapped in your junk folder, you can manually add our email address to your Safe List.

Click on "Options" in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen. Then click the link for "Safe and Blocked Senders" in the body of the page under Junk e-mail. Click the "Safe Senders" link and enter the [email protected] - Click "Add" to put it on your list.


In Yahoo Mail, your Contacts list is your whitelist. To add the From Address to your Yahoo Contacts: 

  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox. 
  2. Click the address book icon under the Home Icon. (When you roll your mouse over it, it will say Contacts.)
  3. Click on "Add a new contact"
  4. Fill in the following fields of your Contact. 
    1. First Name: Fearless
    2. Last Name: Living
    3. Email: [email protected]
    4. Email: [email protected]
  5. Click Save and mail from this sender should now be delivered to your Inbox

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