How to add Love Notes from Rhonda

Listener FAQs

If you are having problems accessing your content, email HelloAudio at [email protected] if you're having trouble accessing the content. 

To have your link reset, contact us at support.

How do I start listening?

Subscribe to a podcast app! On an iPhone, we recommend Apple Podcasts (no installation necessary). On an Android phone, we recommend Google Podcasts (no installation necessary). Click an app's button and then "Subscribe" when the app opens. Done :)

If the app isn't installed on your device, the button for that app won't do anything.

How do I listen after subscribing?

Go directly to the app that you subscribed with. Click the image of the podcast and start listening! You'll receive new episodes in the app automatically.

To see all the feed's episodes in Apple Podcasts, click Library, Shows, click the image, then See All Episodes. (Most apps make this easier. Apple decided to bury the episodes a bit deeper.)

After subscribing, the page with the buttons has served its purpose and is no longer needed. .

How do I subscribe again?

After you subscribe, you may see the following message:

It looks like this feed is already in your podcast app! Head there to continue listening.

If you need to add it to another app, contact the feed creator to reset your link.

To subscribe to a different app, you'll need to complete the form below. This will force HelloAudio to regenerate a link for you. Once you submit the form, please allow the system about 10 - 15 minutes to regenerate your link and send it to you in a new email. If half an hour has passed and you have not received an email with the subject "[LOVE NOTES] Daily Love Notes from Rhonda are yours!" please reach out to us at [email protected] and ask to have your link reset. We will either send you the link again, or you can refresh the page once we've confirmed it's ready, and the buttons will reappear.

How do I view the page on my phone?

If you open the page on your computer but want to use your phone instead, you can hold your phone's camera up to the QR code at the top of the page. That will show a popup of the page link. Click that to open the page. The buttons will work from there.

How do I install a podcast app?

Most devices have an app already installed. See "no installation necessary" below. To install an app, click in the lists below.

Mac computer
Windows computer

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