I’ve never attended a Fearless Living workshop. Which one should I attend first?

While there’s no right answer to that question, there is a better answer to that question.  

Our recommendation is to attend our #1 event - Fearless Foundations Workshop [FFW] - it is the heart of what we do at Fearless Living.

Most important, you'll discover your Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom plus learn tons of tools to move you through any challenge. Oh and let's not forget the support! 

Next, we recommend the Fearless Conversations Workshop [FCW], our workshop devoted to the 8 Coaching Skills that Rhonda created out of her deep devotion to the art of coaching. In that workshop, we do a dive deep into communication and relational skills between you and your clients, you and your loved ones, and truly, every person you come in contact with.  

Of course, you are free to attend any workshop at any time and in no specific order. 

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